Walk In Bathtubs Review

Best Buy Walk-in Tubs

Written By: James Moust - Aug• 22•14
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For those who have struggled to get in and out of a bathtub, who dread the slippery shower floor and unmanageable glass doors, we can help! We are the leaders in the marketplace for walk-in tubs and assisted bathing products. We have reconfigured hundreds of bathrooms, allowing our customers to retain their independence well into their retirement. Best Buy Walk-In Bath Tubs is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to providing the safest, most affordable walk-in bathtubs in the industry with a level of customer service and reliability that cant be beat.

Walk In Tubs For Seniors, Who’s the Best?

Written By: - Aug• 22•14
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Ever heard of a Walk In Tub? Of course you have, that’s why you found this video! Now, what’s the best Walk In Tubs company on the market today? One that really takes pride in helping Seniors? Check out Safe Step Walk In Tubs. Visit our channel to see customer reviews of our product.

Finding The Best Walk In Tub

Written By: - Jan• 01•14
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Walk In Bathtubs Advice For Buyers

best walk in bathtubsThere are many different brands, models and styles of walk-in tubs to consider when shopping around. Out of the many brands, the more popular brands to be considered are TheraTub, Jacuzzi, SafeStep, Premier, American Tubs and American Standard.  TheraTub is the most highly reviewed and regarded brand of walk-in tubs on the market. This brand offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on every single tub and every component to the tub itself.

TheraTub tub frames are made of fiberglass shelling, which is three times thicker than all other shelling. This brand also provides the lowest rim setting of two inches high, making entrance essentially struggle-free. Completely certified and created in the United States, TheraTub is a company highly regarded for generosity. Not only does TheraTub provide varying designs and frames with the highest quality materials, but the company also provides the customer with the option of customizing the walk-in tub to his or her discretion.

This means that when selecting a tub, the customer is able to add or remove certain options before buying the tub. Because of low advertising rates and small sales force, TheraTub sells the most for the least, meaning the prices of their walk-in tubs are exceptional deals for such good material. Companies that provide similar product such as TheraTub are Safe Step and Premier. SafeStep is another highly and positively reviewed walk-in tub company. The products sold by SafeStep are found across America as well as Canada, and are highly popular.

SafeStep tubs are made in the United States, and while they are luxurious, customization is extremely limited, and the tubs only come in an option of three sizes. Because of this, the company is not widely regarded as the most productive, nor customer-care friendly, however they do offer great product which is quality made, with a low-step in and exceptional warranty. American Standard offers a variety of walk-in tubs with limited customization.

Because the company is so widely known as a brand name, American Standard sells quite well. However unlike the previously mentioned companies and their walk-in tubs, American Standard supplies a lower quality material of acrylic. The pricing however is much more affordable at lower rates of around $2,000, which is the beginning price range of regular walk-in tubs. American Standard also offers a warranty on their products, however it varies by tub and normally is quite limited in length.

One of the fastest growing walk in tub provide is American Tubs.  One of the greatest features of American Tubs is that they provide customized bathtubs build the way you like it to include all the accessories you like.  American Tubs also offers the best warranty in the business.  If you are looking to customize your walk in tub, then American Tubs is probably a better choice.

Premier Care In Bathing, also known as Premier, is arguably one of the most well-known and largest bath-tub companies in current business. Premier offers a wide variety of tub models, ranging in rim height, customization such as jet placement, sizing, and materials used. Recent prices of Premier products span from between $5,000 to $20,000, depending upon what type of walk-in tub one is looking for.

While this list only covers a few different brands and what they offer, there are other companies which sell basic walk-in tubs and hydrotherapy walk-in tubs, such as Rane, Bliss, Ella’s Bubbles, and Comfort.