How Dare They Snub Me!

On Sunday night, I turned on the television to watch my favorite television show – The Walking Dead. I noticed as I scrolled through the channels that the Academy Awards were on as well. I had no idea they would be on. I mean, seriously, who are they kidding? Nobody was going to watch the Oscars when The Walking Dead was showing a new episode at the exact same time.

I decided to flip over to the Oscars every now and again because I am a big fan of Seth MacFarlane. Yes his humor is a little immature at times and juvenile but that is what makes it funny. I get why so many people made a fuss over it being terrible. They’re used to the Oscars being all stodgy and stiff. Respectful, that is. Seth called out these phonies on their phoniness and I found it amusing.

After Walking Dead was over, I found myself watching the Oscars continuously. My daughter came downstairs and asked me what show I was watching. I told her the truth.

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