The Best Fantasy Book Series for Adults

Reading is an amazing pastime that helps you travel to another world of imagination, fantasy and adventure while you go through the pages of the book. There are many genres of books that you can read but one of the most popular and exciting is the fantasy genre where you unravel through the adventure through the books that you read. Therefore you should know the best fantasy book series for adults that will make your reading session an enjoyable and memorable one so that you will cherish it for the rest of your life. These books will help you discover new characters and world as you will fall in love with the books that you will read. Fantasy books are not only for kids because there are many fantasy book series that are for adults who loves reading and want to be transported into a different world while reading the book. It enables you to add a little magic to your life and reading fantasy can
be very exciting way of being transported into a new and unknown land.

The best fantasy book series for adults include-

A game of thrones- it is a brilliant and fantastic book series that has been on top of the list for years and it stands
out from the crowd due to its storyline  characters and intriguing plot. This book series by George Martin is beautifully weaved into multiple storylines that is brutal and gritty at the same time as majority of its characters are
gray and it offers an unforgettable experience to its readers.

The lion, the witch and the wardrobe- it is a fantasy book that is written by C.S. Lewis and it involves the story of
children who tumble out from a wardrobe to explore a country that is secret for rest of the people. The discovery of magic and the amazing Great lion called as Aslan changed their lives forever leading to many interesting twists and turn to the storyline.

Heartstone- Elle Katherine White is the author of this fantasy book that has dragons and warriors to make the story similar seem even more intriguing where the home of the main character of the book Aliza and her sisters are attacked by the gryphons. After the attack several times, the Lord hires the riders for hunting down the gryphons and while the story unfolds, it lead to many interesting twists and turns.

The name of the wind- this book is written by Patrick Rothfuss and it is considered as one of the most popular book of the fantasy genre that has good story and characters which makes it is a readable book. It also includes beautiful prose for making the writing seem even more amazing and the charm of the series is attributed to the manner in which the story of the main character is told to the readers. It is an excellent book series that holds its charm and excitement from starting to end while the readers hold their breath to read the best book.

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